Pierre Soulages, black and informal painting

Painting is one of the means to express one's emotions. The artist who paints uses unique materials that identify him to the viewers. One of these painters is Pierre Soulages who was a great artist. The art gallery le Carré des artistes pays tribute to him by exhibiting his works. He used a special color that he placed at the service of each material as well as the light. He experimented a lot with this color.

The 8 inspiring aspects of his artistic universe

This painter sculptor Pierre Soulages had 8 inspiring marks from his artistic universe. As his name indicates, each letter of Soulages has a great meaning. The S comes from the initials of his name. He went to Paris at the age of 18 for competition. He was admitted but did not like the teaching methods so he returned to his hometown. He was influenced by two prominent painters (Picasso and Cézanne) throughout his career. The second letter O in his name comes from Outre Noir: in 1948, he was in contact with several masters of an exhibition in Paris whose poster contained black and white. He was fascinated by this black color, which absorbed the light. This is why he named his art beyond black. The U of Untitled marks his character as an informal painter who leaves his works untitled. The L of lithography: which is a technique of drawing a flat stone, he finds that it is more spontaneous. The A of informal art encourages his freedom in the face of the unexpected, that is to say, that he controls all his actions. The G of art galleries that support him such as the Carré des artistes. The E of emergent follows the technological revolution such as the social network to correspond to the interested. Finally the S of selection: the gallery selects the artists who will be able to participate in the exhibition.

The monochrome painting of Pierre Soulages

Monochrome painting is an art composed of a single color. Many artists choose this term to express their feeling. It is hard to renew a work with only one hue. Moreover, visitors imagine that these are empty arts with no form, yet they are mostly rich in the intention of their author. The artist does not name them but specifies the size or format of the painting. With the color black: he will be able to send you many meanings such as black light or beyond-black. His works are interpreted as a connection between the director and the viewer.

Two of his works: the black mist and beyond-black

He categorized his artworks into 6 sorts, among them, there is the brou noir which is specified by the use of the oil brou of the walnut of the cabinetmakers with black to decorate the white paper. This is a material that had amazed him since his childhood. The artists use a broad brush. You will find the famous beyond-black: which told a story during which Pierre Soulages was painting and the black color invaded his canvas. Then he fell asleep and woke up seeing the painting he had made.

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