3 works of Georges Mathieu you have to discover

Each painter has his own qualifications and techniques to attract tourists, amateurs, and even professionals in painting. As for Georges Mathieu, he is an exceptional painting artist.

Georges Mathieu, who is he exactly?

Georges Mathieu is a French artist who became famous thanks to his works. He was born in the city of Boulogne on the sea, on January 27, 1921. He died at the age of 91 in Boulogne-Billancourt. Before becoming an expert painter, Georges Mathieu pursued his academic career in the field of law and philosophy. Then, around the year 1942, he awakened his talent by pursuing another path, including plastic art. However, after his sacrifices, he could not exploit his talents immediately, as he was a teacher after his study in plastic art. In 1946, he participated in an exhibition in Paris. The career of Georges Mathieu as a painter began after this exhibition. Many of his followers want to find the answer to the question: who is really Georges Mathieu?

The works of Georges Mathieu

Georges Mathieu had numerous exhibitions almost all over the world in countries like Japan, the United States, Europe, and others. In fact, around the year 1950, Georges Mathieu kept evolving in his talent in painting, he also practiced sculpture and posters. The works that Georges Mathieu created are numerous. Among his hundreds of works, the lyrical abstraction, the Flash, and the Golden Seven trophy are among the great arts that made Georges Mathieu more famous than before. George Mathieu has his own techniques to attract tourists and thus painting lovers. He is one of the many painters who engage in "performances or happenings", in fact, he does his painting in front of the general public. Battle demonstrations, The Capetians everywhere, Battles of Bouvines, and homage to Philip III the Bold are examples of the paintings he did in public.

The profession of Georges Mathieu thanks to his talent

Thanks to Georges Mathieu's talent, many opportunities opened up for him. In 1953, he held the position of editor in chief in a company in Paris. In 1970, he worked as a designer, architect, and graphic artist. It is Georges Mathieu who created the ten franc coin, the postage stamp, a company logo in France, etc. He has already made plans for factories and posters. Currently, the paintings of Georges Mathieu still hold their places in national and international art museums.

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