Jean Cocteau, an artist with a thousand faces

At the same time a painter, a ceramist, and a writer, Jean Cocteau is a versatile artist who shows himself in different aspects. His multiple works are a reflection of the art of the XXIst century. Throughout his life, he…

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The quotations of Dalí, a master of surrealism

Salvador Dalí was born in the city of Figueres in 1904 and died there in 1989. Provocative, rebellious, and egocentric, Dalí soon found his voice in the literary movement called “surrealism”. This artist was known for his extreme egocentricity, something…

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When contemporary art inspires fashion

Because of its diversity and complexity, contemporary art can be combined with different definitions that complete it. It is not always easy to give a specific description. Basically, it refers to works created around the twentieth century, but this is…

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3 reasons to be interested in Modern Art

Works of Modern Art such as sculptures, paintings, and others are actually highly valued by many people, even though they are usually exhibited in specialized centers such as art galleries. But why exactly would you be interested in Modern Art?…

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