Painting: Françoise de Felice’s most favorite themes

Nourished by her travels, Françoise de Felice's life as an artist is a true story marked by twists and turns. She is an artist in her own right whose style of painting is remarkable. Her works reflect the themes she is particularly fond of. It is no secret that the works of Françoise de Felice are fantastic masterpieces. Here are the reasons why they are currently among the most inspirational.

Impressionist beginnings:

Françoise de Felice is one of the artists of the Michel Estades galleries. She was first known as an impressionist painter. Having studied graphic art since her childhood, thanks to her grandmother, she specialized in the field of painting throughout her youth and later made a profession of it. After studying at the Sorbonne and at the Fine Arts as an auditor, she opened a gallery in 1976 in Tenerife, Spain, where she exhibited and sold her first works. Her themes were mainly landscapes and street scenes. It is only after her return to France that she started to look for other sources of inspiration and decided to break away from the conventional path.

Going off the beaten track:

It is not easy for an artist to directly find his way and have his own style of painting. However, Françoise de Felice has now become an accomplished artist, because she has been able to stand out. Having lived in France for several years until 1982, when she decided to leave the country. Indeed, having explored all facets of impressionist art, Françoise de Felice wishes to create her own artistic identity through her works. It is in Sicily that she discovers the splendors of the baroque and adopts a new style mixing a delicate, but precise line with melted lines.

The story of a feminine world:

The themes of predilections of Françoise de Felice turn mainly around the female world. An encounter, a light, flowers, and haute couture inspire her. Moreover, she has painted several paintings that deal with these different subjects. Thus, the artist lets herself be carried away by her desires which allows her to create original and strongly inspiring works. The women in her paintings come from all eras and all continents. On the other hand, the subjects are often staged in a different way thanks to the oil painting. These portraits of women are therefore sometimes invented and sometimes inspired by reality. In any case, the artist's works remain magnificent. Imbued with a deep softness and a semblance of melancholy, they easily attract the curious eye.

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