Jean Cocteau, an artist with a thousand faces

At the same time a painter, a ceramist, and a writer, Jean Cocteau is a versatile artist who shows himself in different aspects. His multiple works are a reflection of the art of the XXIst century. Throughout his life, he presented multiple and fascinating faces through his achievements.

Jean Cocteau: a truly artistic life without rest

Born in 1889, Jean Cocteau is an outstanding artist. His works are marked by a fascinating diversity. He has attracted attention in various fields such as literature, theater, cinema, and music hall ... In all his achievements we can discover the depth of his thoughts. He stands out for his paradoxical presentations. At the same time, he has proved special originality in each of his achievements. He knew how to combine different ideas in his works. It is then up to us to discover them one by one. Michel Estades gallery offers you to discover this diversity.

Cocteau: an exceptional literary face

In the field of literature, Cocteau is a personality who imposes himself as a true "jack-of-all-trades". Around the 1920s, he excelled in the production of several novels such as "Les enfants terribles". He also worked in music where he wrote scenes for operettas such as "Le train bleu" for example. In the 1930s, he entered the field of journalism. He wrote a variety of articles including "Portraits and Memories". He also published for magazines like "Les Quotidiens". He even became a columnist for "Ce Soir".

The other impressive faces of the artist

In 1930, the diversity of Jean Cocteau is displayed as a director in the film industry. He is notably the director of the famous film "The Blood of a Poet". He is famous in the world of musical theater, poetry, and music. In 1956 in his hometown of Villeneuve-sur-Mer, he discovered the art of ceramics which became his new passion. This universe appeals to him because it allows him to express his dreamlike interior. His works count today among the most sought-after. He invented the famous "poem objects". He proposed new techniques using the oxide pencil. This process reveals a pastel and natural tint on the ceramic works. In total, the artist's achievements in ceramic art are nearly 300. According to him, ceramics saved his life by avoiding the use of ink, which he considered dangerous.

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