When contemporary art inspires fashion

Published on : 21 June 20223 min reading time

Because of its diversity and complexity, contemporary art can be combined with different definitions that complete it. It is not always easy to give a specific description. Basically, it refers to works created around the twentieth century, but this is no longer the case after the arrival of modern art. Today, contemporary style is called anything that is original and stands out from the crowd. Whatever it is, it inspires fashion considerably.

Contemporary art: a true source of inspiration

It may sound like a bit of a mouthful to say so, but contemporary art is an opportunity to make a difference and to get out of the mainstream. This phenomenon can be explained by the fact that it tries to break the cliché associated with fashion. In general, people who adopt the contemporary style are those who want to escape and take their eyes off the familiar landscape. In the context of interior design, for example, contemporary art favors atmospheres that allow the brain to disconnect from its comfort zone. This difference is very noticeable whether in the way the walls are decorated, the lines of the furniture, the patterns of the linens, etc.

Reflection of an era in modernity

Contemporary art is definitely salvation, probably because it uses the codes of our time in order to better underline its emptiness. Designers have understood this and have turned their works into a real phenomenon. All of this is very prominent in fashion, but also in interior design. The patterns and fittings symbolize a new era, highlighting the contemporaneity of the works. The formula seems simple: modernity mixed with classic.

A creative and evolving art

We can clearly see that the great artists who are inspired by contemporary art have an acute knowledge of the craft. These designers remain anchored to the true identity of this art, but their sharp understanding allows them to create and propose something new in order to mix modernity and contemporaneity in their works. This explains the reason why their creations are very evolutive, but still, keep the label of contemporary art. The proof is that the great classics of modern art have become magical by bringing a unique note to decorative paintings for example. Artists compete with creativity and ingenuity to create art that is unlike any other, with a uniqueness that is rarely found elsewhere.

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