3 paintings of Gustav Klimt that you absolutely ought to know

Are you one of the art lovers who are interested in Viennese symbolism? Then the collection inspired by the works of the famous Gustav Klimt will certainly not disappoint you. Indeed, this name is probably not new since Klimt is a famous Viennese symbolist. In any case, it should be noted that this decorative painter has an incredible talent. Let's zoom in on the three paintings of Gustav Klimt that you absolutely must know.

Biography of Gustav Klimt

A native of Austria, Gustav Klimt is a painter of the Viennese symbolism. This famous painter was born on July 14, 1862, in the region of Baumgarten. Although he came from a modest family, this famous painter always found the courage to achieve his goals, and fulfill his dreams and passions. In 1876, Gustav continued his studies in art at a renowned institution in Vienna. And when he finished his studies, he launched into the foundation of his own decoration workshop. At that time he was supported by his brother Ernest Klimt and his follower Hans Makart. Thanks to the skills of the trio, they were able to gain fame, especially in the decoration of a number of buildings, namely the Hermes villa in Lainz. Unfortunately, his successful collaboration with these two people came to an end when his brother passed away in 1982. Nevertheless, he continued to work towards his goals.

The paintings that represent the golden cycle of Gustav Klimt

For many years, Gustav Klimt created a wealth of works of art. Among the paintings that have experienced a certain revival is the famous portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I. This is one of the most expensive works on the volatile art market. In 2006, this painting was bought for a hundred million dollars by a billionaire during a private sale. It is worth noting that the artist spent a few years on this painting, which is coated with gold.

The other most famous paintings of the artist

As mentioned above, this artist has created a number of sensual paintings featuring female figures. Among them, you will find Kiss, Hope, Life and Death, and many others. It is not unlikely to encounter other works that are much more interesting. For example, the Sirens, Judith, the Head of Holofernes and the Golden Knight, and the View of Malcesina.

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