La Maison Rouge : Antoine de Galbert Foundation

The founder of La Maison Rouge exhibited a hundred works in Grenoble upon his return to his hometown. Many other exhibitions also took place in Landerneau, Arles, and Lyon. Thus, the keys to La Maison Rouge, as the only exhibition venue in Paris, were handed over.

La Maison Rouge: a short history

La Maison Rouge came into existence thanks to the dedicated efforts of Antoine de Galbert, a company manager and contemporary art lover. He has run an art gallery in Grenoble for several years since 1987. When he closed the gallery he was running, he envisaged launching a progressive fundraising campaign on a common interest basis called the Antoine de Galbert Foundation. He meant to reinforce his commitment to contemporary art at all times. The former company that housed La Maison rouge in 2004 was chosen as the exhibition space. The name La Maison rouge was first offered by the original pavilion. He chose this color to decorate and renovate it: it also housed the administrative part that was at the heart of the exhibition space. However, the closure was announced in January 2017. At that time, it was made clear that the potential end of the experience was in any case already scheduled. The business even closed its doors completely on October 28, 2018; however, the Foundation kept supporting creativity.

La Maison Rouge: Pluralism and Diversity in Contemporary Art

Whether solo or collective, the Foundation advocates thematic pluralism. Video, painting, photography, theater, performance, installation: research and experimentation constantly shift from one genre to another. Moreover, it was announced in January 2017 that it would close permanently in October 2018. The redesign of the research focus has taken the second stage. A foundation exhibition in 2005 was dedicated to the successful work of Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger. Lifestyle, organic synthesis, and the work of Steiner and Lenzlinger are all about the border between artificial insemination and natural fertility. Likewise, La Maison Rouge reaches and hits by its originality a place in the contemporary creation context.

Antoine de Galbert Foundation: support for editorial and creative work

As a general rule, the program includes 3 to 6 conferences per year. Support for creative work also includes the production of works such as the new 2016 performance by Pascal Comelade and Hervé Di Rosa. The activity also took place in the form of a workshop for young people. Production, distribution, and education remain key factors in this obstacle to creativity and contemporary origins. The editorial work of La Maison Rouge is equally complex. The exhibition catalog is curated with works from the collection "Leituras Maison Rouge" under the direction of art historian Patricia Falguières. This collection presents the most recent essays on art and his poetic photographic work. With a fountain of books, La Maison Rouge offers its public a quality library full of contemporary art resources.

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