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Experts in modern & contemporary art

Passionate about the world of art ? Then you need to keep up with the latest developments in modern and contemporary art exhibitions while enjoying the world’s best works of art.

The professional online gallery ESTADES will introduce you to the world of modern and contemporary art. Buying a drawing or selling a painting ? The gallery provides you with the best services. It focuses especially on the works of art of Bernard Buffet, who is a renowned artist of the contemporary world. The modern masters are also featured in their exhibitions. So make sure you get the best possible service when buying a piece of art.


A look at the contemporary artists

Discover the most renowned contemporary artists in the art world. Unique, each painter conveys important values through art. They also usually convey the emotions of their respective eras.

Bernard Buffet

Bernard Buffet

The undisputed master of expressionism

Cat Sirot

Cat Sirot

A renowned painter

Damien Colcombet

Damien Colcombet

A famous animal sculptor

Centre Pompidou

More than just a modern art museum

Dedicated to modern and contemporary art, the Centre Pompidou presents original and invaluable works. It reflects the talent of famous artists through their iconic works. The modern and contemporary periods are displayed chronologically in the building. Permanent collections and international exhibitions are also held regularly in this large-scale museum. Discover art from all branches in a temporary exhibition in this centre. Kinetic art is also on the menu ! This is therefore the ideal place to explore the immense talent of the world’s famous sculptors and painters. Here, the creativity of young audiences is also emphasised. The professionals organise permanent workshops for children and teenagers. Cinema, conference or show ? Get ready to journey through the world of art thanks to the Centre Pompidou.

Let's talk about art

6 reasons to be interested in Modern Art

Cubism, futurism and expressionism ? Modern art emerged with innovative artistic trends. Discover the top 6 reasons to be excited for this new form of art.

Getting to know the new gems

Getting to know the new gems

Modern art offers a unique opportunity to encounter new artistic concepts.

Pushes you to be subjective

Pushes you to be

Bring your subjectivity forward with the compelling works of modern art.

Adapt with the Times et Innovate

Adapt with the Times & Innovate

At the heart of artistic innovation, modern art is a great source of creativity.

It is mostly abstract

It is mostly

The concept of abstract time, a 14th century work standard.

It is financially affordable

It is financially

Modern art is more accessible to everyone.

It is open to a wider audience

It is open to a wider audience

Modern art is meant to celebrate the cultures and is made for the public’s enjoyment.

Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art

Art Museums

Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art

With traditional aesthetics and a touch of modernity, Japanese artists are making a huge impression in the world of art. The Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art showcases the history of Japanese art.

A must-see, the Tokyo Museum holds works of art of the highest calibre. Whether you are Japanese or a foreigner, you can enjoy the special exhibitions and thematic displays in the museum. Indeed, you may visit the gallery at any time of the year. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Japanese art. Enjoy a moment of pleasure as you discover some of the most fascinating pieces of art.

Art Forms

Looking for a particular work of art ?

Looking for a unique and authentic work of art ? Sculpture, drawing or photography ? Contemporary or modern masters ? Discover the paintings of famous artists directly online.

Artist photographers

Artist photographers

Find exceptional works of art from the world’s greatest photographic artists.

Sculptor artists

Sculptor artists

Modern or contemporary ? Enjoy the works of art of some of the most famous sculptors.



Find easily the famous paintings of the greatest painters of the modern era.

Modern Art - Movements to know

Expand your culture and live your passion thanks to the artistic events of modern art. Are you selling art, buying art or exhibiting ? Keep up to date with the programmes and movements of the latest artistic trends. The art market guarantees the collector’s complete satisfaction.